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About me

My name is Michal Kord-Bielski and I am a clinical psychologist (license no. 27-110467). I am experienced in working with clients of different ages, from children to old age, and enjoy the uniqueness that each of these life stages embodies. I studied in Tel Aviv University (B.A.) and did my M.A. in Ben-Gurion University. Following that I moved to London and completed an Existential Psychotherapy training. My work with clients is integrative, drawn from psychodynamic psychotherapy and humanistic approaches as well as cognitive-behavioural methods (CBT, Mindfulness etc.)

I worked in a variety of mental health clinics in Israel and in the UK: Infant Psychiatry Unit (Soroka hospital), Students counselling services (Ben-Gurion university), IDC school of psychology clinic in Herzelia, “Lev Hasharon” mental health centre, “The Awareness Centre” and NHS in London. I offer psychotherapy in Hebrew and in English, short and long-term treatments, tailored to each individual’s needs.


During the years I’ve worked with people dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, life changes and crises and more. I believe the key to an effective therapy is the special bond that is formed between myself and the client. This partnership enables us to work together and learn from each other, as I bring my professional experience and knowledge and you being the expert on yourself.


One particular passion of mine is working with elderly people and caregivers (family members who support an ill or old loved one). This includes long or short-term interventions that are aimed to improve the well-being and help cope with the challenges that life entails at this stage.

You are welcome to contact me and schedule an appointment or a phone consultation.

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